I’m a horrible person

I love, loving things that you’re not supposed to. I recently installed Stella; it’s an Free (as in software and as in beer) Atari 2600 Emulator. I’m currently playing Custers Revenge, it was the first x-rated video game.

Here have a look:

Its a game where you are Col. Custer and you run across the screen to have t3h f0rc3d s3x012 with an Indian Woman tied to a cactus; while having arrows shot at you.

I’m what the Spanish call “el terrible”


2 thoughts on “I’m a horrible person

  1. donshyoku says:

    The video isn’t playing in the screenshot because technically, the video isn’t on the screen. The video is an overlay which means that the video is on the screen of a screen, and not processed as part of the image. Just a fun fact for the day!

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