Stupidity at the job, and I guess I’m a racist

As some people know I work at a movie theater, and my job sucks. But today I had a really funny thing happen to me. A customer came up to the concession stand and wanted a refill on his popcorn. This usually isn’t a problem, a refill is the way they keep the customers from buring down the theater over a 5 buck bag of popcorn. But you have to have a bag to have a refill. [if I have to give you another bag its a fill not a RE-fill]. The guy threw away his bag, no big deal fish it out of the trash and give it to me and I’ll give you another bag. But this dude got really shitty with me and the other manager there. Then called us both racist and then said my favorite phrase, “I’m never coming back here again”. Sweet, fuck you, piss off. If you’re not comming back why in the hell would I try and make you happy? Answer, nothing, I don’t give a shit, piss off and let me get back to my shitty job.


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