I love the cardinal greenway

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about look here, and here

OK now back to what I was going to say, Robin and I walk this thing quite a bit. But today was kinda cool, Threre was a small snake in path that Robin chased off so that a bicycleist wouldn’t hit it. Then we came to a large stone entrance marker that they put in near Springwood Park because a road intersects the trail, which had been knocked down and due to my anarchist ideals and the hacker “I have to know how this works” mentality we put it back on the bolts that held it in place.

Then we went into the park, where I was forced to urinate in a thicket along the river due to the restrooms being closed for the winter. To which I informed them that it was currently spring by scribing so on the ply-wood that was screwed over the doorway.

Previous to the “Pee-Pee Incident of Spring 2007 (all rights reserved), I saw a muskrat in a creek, and shortly after pointing it out to Robin it dove under the water and went into a nest, it was really neat. And after said pee-pee incident we sat around listening to three different types of frogs singing mating calls. During the “Mating of the Frogs” opera (all rights reserved) we saw a small blue wood pecker.

Thats all, just wanted to share my experience interacting with the outdoors, I hope to soon get a nice digicam so I can post pictures to my tumblog, and to flickr.


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