My Google juice

Yesterday my roomie was trying to get a hold of me and knew that was the place to go. Well she couldn’t get to the site because of the corporate overlords, but Google was open, so… she found out I have some Google Juice. Here is how it breaks down…

Regular old Google Search First Page: > not me
Twitter stuff > totally me
Penelope Illustration > not me
ThreeThirty on Rhapsody > not me
digg / threethirty / news / dugg > me +1
threethirty’s blog | Richmond Open Source Community > meeeee
Official EggDisk Blog: ThreeThirty Promotes EggDisk Brilliantly on … > MEEEE MEEE MEEE
Phoronix Forums – View Profile: threethirty > hell yeah its me
Ubuntu Forums – View Profile: threethirty > was there a question this is seriously me

And If you look at the Image Search

4 of the images are me, three counts of the Richmond LUG icon and one old picture of me.



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