Ubuntu Feisty is out, w00tz!!!11

Today is release day for Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn, which I’ve been playing with in beta for almost a month now. I must say this is the best Ubuntu release yet. I’ve never been happier with Linux on the desktop.

Most of the release notes are about upgrading fro Edgy to Fiesty but they did say that the minimum memory requirement for Ubuntu 7.04 is 256MB of memory. With only the minimum amount of memory available, the installation process will take longer than normal, but will complete successfully, and the system will perform adequately once installed.

And here is a link to 11 things that are awesome in Feisty http://leetcode.net/2007/04/11-things-you-havent-seen-yet-in-ubuntu-feisty-fawn

now I’m off to celebrate in freenode #ubuntu-release-party


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