Why I’ll Never Do Tech Work for Friends or Fam Again!!!

Ok don’t get me wrong, I love helping people… I usually do it for free but when someone doesn’t take the advise you give them or wants you to do illegal things for them that’s where the buck stops.

Here is the story:

My girlfriend’s sister and the rest of the household (from now on referred to as they) click on everything, and I mean everything. Then they are upset when they get malware. It’s always some crap like but I’m running Norton… Well Norton doesn’t help you when click on everything!!!

So they rely on the crappy restore partition that comes on HP machines. Great idea…NOT!!!11
This last time when I tried to restore from it, there was a system file corrupted, so it wouldn’t restore. The best part is that they don’t own an install disk. Weeeeeee!! So now I am expected to use a Windows disk that I don’t own and install using a key that they don’t own. Yeay Piracy!!

So I am no longer doing Windows support for people this is the last one. I’m going to install Windows XP Pro, Blink from eeye.com, and I’m turning on automatic update. After that they can either pay me per hour plus the cost of a Windows XP disk (legally obtained), or goto Linux, because I’m not dealing with this shit anymore.


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