So Much For The Community

I can’t believe this, I was on #ubuntu today and it was the worse thing I’ve ever seen from the community. #ubuntu is usually a really nice place, but there were some users just abusing the noobs. At one point this little girl joins and realizes that she is in the wrong channel and doesn’t know how to get to the one she wants. Now mind you there are over 1000 people yapping in here and she doesn’t understand the commands that are being thrown at her and then a couple of people start in on her about answering questions, I don’t think she’s even sure about how to use the keyboard let alone a bunch of IRC commands. Well I jumped this persons case about ripping on the n00bs and then we jump into #ubuntu-offtopic to finish our squabble.

You can get the #ubuntu log here and the #ubuntu-offtopic one here

and if you think that I am in the wrong please leave a comment


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