MPAA forces Ubuntu user to give up his freedom

Ars Technica reporter Jeremy Reimer, along with others are reporting that the Motion Picture Association of America has the ability to force someone to change operating systems. Basically the story goes some dude uploaded a movie and got bused, and part of his supervised release is that he has to have some special monitoring software running on his computer. Which will not run in anything other than Windows. Which is kinda bullshit, yeah the dude shouldn’t be stealing movies (blah blah blah) but how bleeding hard is it to write a wine wrapper for your craptastic spyware. All in all this is pretty sucky.

And now quote of the week time…

‘Jokes about “nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to use Windows” aside, this case should be put up alongside the RIAA’s suing of grandmothers and dead people as an example of the absurdity of current copyright law enforcement.’


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