I got stopped by a cop tonight while riding a scooter

Tonight while taking Pegwole, blogger from the Inked Geek Tech Report, home from my house via motor scooter we were stopped by the local police. This scooter is not rated for more than one passenger. The officer asked me to come to the car. He asked for my license, which if you know me personally is funny. Then he asked for any other ID, which I didn’t have on me [mental note: I really don’t have to show ID being a US citizen do I?]. I told him that I was going about 21 blocks and that Pegwole is legally blind (which he is). And then the typical name, address, make of scooter, year. So the cop decided that it really wasn’t worth his trouble and told me to walk it until he was not in eyeshot. So I did and got him home. I really wish that I had a lifestreaming kit like Justine from Tasty Blog Snack so that I could have some cool video for you.

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