The Reason Why Ubuntu Wins Hardware Vendors’ Polls

I was listening to the most recent Distrowatch OGGcast
and the host brought up an interesting question, why does Ubuntu win all of the polls? Well here are my reasons why the next top competitors aren’t on top.

Suse (SLED and OpenSUSE): No one trusts Novell. People tend to switch to Linux to get away from Microsoft, so why use a partner’s distro?!?

Mandriva: I think Mandrivia is just crap, they focus way too much on the “club” (the tossers that actually pay for it) and don’t focus enough on community building.

Debian: scary server OS

Fedora: I don’t like Fedora. Okay scratch that, I hate RPM (RedHat Package Manager) . All Fedora needs is a new package manager (how about apt) and it would be fine. I would still reformat and put Ubuntu on, but Fedora may survive the first day.

Gentoo and Slackware: will never win because they are too damn difficult.

Mint Linux: may win the poll but will never come from the OEM because of the non-free codecs and shit they add (some illegally)

PCLinuxOS: name, the name sucks


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