Tumbl and Stumble for the week of 9-22/9-28

Another week, another Tumbl and Stumble. I just recently figured out that I could link from tumblr so that’s what I have done. I know that doesn’t make this too interesting but doing it the way I did last week takes FOREVER!!! So let’s get into it…





A discussion between Al00 and myself on #ubuntu on freenode

Al00 to channel: g’day folks — I have a fairly simple question (at least in my fragile mind): Is it possible to attach a sound to the window minimize and maximize events? (kinda like winbloze)

threethirty to Al00: Al00: thats a wicked idea!!, but I don’t think anyone has done it yet. What you should do is find the compiz fusion dev mailing list and ask for it\

Al00 to threethirty: threethirty: thanks — I am using compiz fusion and thought it would be kick-ass if I could get a nice swooshing sound for minimizing 🙂

Al00 to threethirty: threethirty: compiz seems like overkill for this type of sound thing… it would be nice if it was just a std sound event gnome

threethirty to Al00: Al00: i knw but i fugured that the same people that put fish inside of a cube would be a little more willing to write that sort of thing

Al00 to threethirty: threethirty: LOL *high 5*











and that’s it for this weeks Tumbl and Stumble and untill next week Mousekateers… Keep on …mblein’


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