Remembering James Kim

I remember this time last year and the search for James Kim. I remember hearing all of his close friends and colleagues in their attempts to cover the story without bursting into tears. I remember sitting on the bus (in tears) at the obvious pain that everyone was going through. I remember watching James on TechTV and was glad to see him working at CNET after TechTV was disbanded. And to hear of his passing is a heavy on the hearts of all tech lovers.

Below you will find the video and the full text of the article that was put up on Crave.

“One year ago today, we learned of the death of our dear friend and colleague, James Kim. James was, both at work and at home, a kind, intelligent, exuberant presence. We miss him very much.

To keep James’ memory alive, we want to revisit the video tribute we created when we first heard the news. We hope you enjoy these video clips from and Crave as much as we have.

In his honor, James’ family and friends have established the James Kim Technology Foundation (JKTF). The foundation provides San Francisco public schools, and the children who attend them, access to emerging technologies like the ones James covered every day for and Crave. You can learn more about JKTF at the foundation’s Web site.”


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