Freedom Hater of the Day: Nokia

ARSTechnica posted today that Nokia is upset with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) because they want to include both OGG Vorbis and Therora in the HTML5 Spec.

Why I Didn’t I hear about this sooner? OGG on the web w00000000000000tzzz!!!!111one.

But Nokia had a List of issues, I answered this list of on Digg and figured that you all should see it too.

So with out Further adieu, My Rebuttal: A Rope of Sand:

1. W3C shouldn’t make any standards relating to codecs. Leave that to other standards bodies like ITU-T and ISO/IEC.

*But the W3C is the standards body for the web not ITU-T and ISO/IEC, those 2 have no “jurisdiction” (I guess that word will do)

2. There are over a billion PCs in the world today, many connected to the web, but these numbers are tiny compared to traditional video playback devices like DVD players.

*DVD players have nothing to do with the web.

3. This industry is used to paying license fees and royalties for video codecs like MPEG-2.

* yeah and I’m sure they would be heartbroken to save money

4. This industry is used to making money, and it doesn’t care about keeping things free.

*Free Software refers to freedom, not money. Think Free Speech, not Free Beer.

5. Web codec standards should be either free or low-cost to implement.

*see number 3

6. Web codec standards should support DRM to placate Hollywood, but DRM implementations should be optional.

*there hasn’t been DRM on the Web so far (that I know of), and if they wanted to, the spec is in the Public Domian

7. H.264 for video and AAC for audio would be Nokia’s recommendations for codecs.

*what in the hell do they have against Linux. If you standardize on those two the web will suck for Free Software fans for at least the next two years. x.264 is fairly stable and complete, but I don’t about AAC

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