Minimo DOES work on Nokia’s n770

Me and a buddy of mine (twitter: @sysnerd) were hacking on my n770 trying to get minimo running. The issue was this…

* You install it from the apt frontend (can’t remember what is called)
* it installs in the extra menu
* you go to run it and it does nothing

Now here is the issue… The run script is a bash script but they have it trying to run as a c shell. This will not work, it’s like a Frenchmen trying to explain string theory to a deaf German, not good.

To fix this you have to

* have xterm (its in the apt frontend)
* cd to /usr/bin/
* open a text editor, we used vi
* and edit the top line of the script to read #bash/usr/bin
* save and close

thats it,

Happy Hacking

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