Merlin Mann Facts

fact: Merlin Mann once joked his way out of returning uranium to the Libyans and has visited the future 20 times.

fact: Merlin Mann stopped hurricane Katerina with the awesome power of his hair alone.

fact: Merlin Mann forced Chuck Norris to switch to a mac.

fact: Merlin Mann once bitch slapped the queen of England because she didn’t bow to him.

fact: Merlin Mann once killed a panda with nothing but the ear buds for an ipod, a brick, and sheer determination

fact: Merlin Mann once saved Lindsay Lohan from being robbed using only an Apple Newton as his weapon.

fact: Merlin Mann can control several species of birds, a few ferrets, and Jebb Bush

fact: once during an orgy Merlin Mann caused Ann Heche to go straight again. Leo Laporte filmed it.

fact: Morgan Freeman wishes he could be Merlin Mann

fact: Merlin Mann taught enlightenment to the Buddha

fact: Merlin Mann has a summer house in fucking Mordor!

fact: Merlin Mann did 5 tours in Nam just for the hell of it.

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