Why Twitter is the winner

There are soooooo many Twitter clones and Twitter-esque apps/websites out there, but they all seem too fall short and I know why. Simplicity. I’d really like to pick on FriendFeed and Jaiku. Yes, they are “better” technologies. But have you tried to use them on a mobile? Well in FriendFeed’s case, nope not possible (as far as I know), and Jaiku’s case most of us haven’t you must have a Nokia phone to do so. Welp my Palm Centro puts me out on that.

Here is my real issue… how in the hell are you supposed to use a threaded system through SMS? Oh yeah you can’t!

Why is SMS soo important? How much time do you spend on the computer? How much of the day is your mobile in you pocket? For me the mobile wins EVERY DAY.

oh and one more thing Twitter is EASY!!! @username makes a whole lot of sense… this message is “AT” that username.

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