Ohio Linux Fest 2008 : The Good, The Bad, The Assy: Show Me Some Candy

The last time i saw this Why am I awake for this
it was this time last year.The next time I see it it will be a year from now but I must say that I can’t think of a better reason to be up after 1.5 hours of
sleep and before the ass crack of dawn. The above pic was taken at
about half way through our trip… and thats about the time I went
to bed that night 😉

I started doing some video and taking pictures, but then i realized
that there were better cameras and all that shit so i decided to
aggregate everyone else’s pics so ill stick theirs in as i find them
but i did shoot this stuff.

Here are my tweets during the weekend with some comments and other media:

@abobrien13: dude that sucks, hope you feel better
11:12 PM October 09, 2008 from txt in reply to abobrien13

he decided not to go he was sick.

@Peter64 have fun at work :p
05:31 AM October 10, 2008 from txt in reply to Peter64

he wished us all a good day

On the way to #olf, @pegwole sorry my brother bailed dude… Next year ill try and get this all planned better

At the convention center, fairly bored already anyone at #olf come say hai
08:23 AM October 10, 2008 from txt

@sysnerd was in class and i had nothing to do, i was more that fairly bored


Needs to find me some free wifi I don’t think I’m ready to pay $20 for the whole day
08:38 AM October 10, 2008 from txt

I cant believe that the wifi there is such crap

OMFG i finally found free wifi at the GCCC in the food court there is an AP called “linksys-n” woot!!!!! #olf
10:11 AM October 10, 2008 from web

and thats where it all got interesting

@lorddrachenblut: I just asked @jonobacon and it not been discussed yet but maybe when Ubuntu has another LTS release
10:27 PM October 10, 2008 from txt e

he was about 4 steps from me so I figured id ask him

@chadwollenberg and I just had the most wonderful argumnet with some “hack a mac” guys at #olf
09:33 AM October 11, 2008 from txt

oh and we did

Watching ian robowitz’s talk at #olf called hacking the government. Its awesome!
12:00 PM October 11, 2008 from txt

Ian hacks the legislature

Check out http://www.geek-pac.org
12:05 PM October 11, 2008 from txt

this is what Ian was talking about

Watching a talk on robotics at #olf but its not that impersive so far
02:16 PM October 11, 2008 from txt

i ended up walking out of this but i do have a video of one of his robots

maco’s talk was awesome #olf
03:44 PM October 11, 2008 from txt

and it was here is a pic


@danns from TLLTS just showed his ass to #olf
06:55 PM October 11, 2008 from txt

there is alllll kinds of media on this one

Here is some of the other media that was taken there:

Allan’s Slideshow:

Snack Machine B’s Slideshow:

Russ W’s Slideshow:

Timbrigg’s Slideshows:

LOL’ Cranks:

Justin Cole’s slideshow:

Clint Savage’s slideshow:

monsterb’s pics:


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