My Free Software Resolution

*The Resolution*

/I, threethirty, do resolve to use free software more in 2009 than in
any year before and if possible, to implement new systems, features, and
capabilities with 100% free software./

That means if you’re looking for a new web browser, you’ll consider Firefox.
If you need to open one of those weird .docx Word Documents, you’re going to
use Open Office. And finally, you’re going to try GNU/Linux. There are so
many ways to try it that one of these has got to be for you.

*Start 2009 out right*

1. Order a free Ubuntu Live CD from [1] and boot up
your computer with it. Voila! You’re trying GNU/Linux.

2. Ask your nearest techie to download and burn Ubuntu or Fedora to a CD for
you. Pop it in your CD drive and reboot. Some would call that trying

3. Ask your nearest techie to install GNU/Linux for you and see the world of
computers with fresh eyes as you try GNU/Linux.

4. Download the source code to Azureus, configure and build the package, then
use it to download Arch, CrunchBang, or SlackWare and run that baby in a
virtual machine using VirtualBox OSE.

5. Finally, if you need help with any of the above submit a support request
at [2] and we’ll do our best to help
you with the next step.

With this New Year’s resolution, 2009 can be a spectacular year for free
software so try to stick with it. Next New Year, we’re hoping to find a
fitter, healthier, more-free-software-using you. Happy New Year from everyone



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