Linux Community Screwed by the Biggest Tool EVER

Brian-with-a-y posted this to his blog

“When I first envisioned RadicalCodex… it was only for Linux.

Having the best eBook and eComic reader only for Linux… well I just like the sound of that.

Once the Beta testing started I began receiving emails, from Linux users, asking if a Windows version was in the works. This surprised me at first, but it made some sense. Most people can’t run 100% Linux on every computer they use. And, of course, it’s nice to be able to bring your favorite applications with you between computers.

Plus having great software available for both Windows and Linux helps to lower the barrier for many people switching platforms.”

and this is what I posted to him in response:

“Once the Beta testing started I began receiving emails, from Linux users, asking if a Windows version was in the works. “

LOL you have to be kidding me, what about the Linux users that asked you to put it under a Free Software license?

You are a bigger tool than I thought you were. What happened to showing the non-free companies that the “the Linux water was fine, jump on in”? What happened to your crusade? Are you going to admit that you went into this on a lie? Are you at least gonna give us the source code? Come on Benedict Arnold.

I don’t think I need to say more about that, but this may (99.9999% sure) that this will be on ep 2009.7 of Linuxcranks. Listen Live Sat/Sunday at Midnight Eastern ( [you will need a account to listen as we are an 18+ podcast])

8 thoughts on “Linux Community Screwed by the Biggest Tool EVER

  1. Thomas says:

    Threethirty it is sad to see such a reputable member of the community going down in flames. Especially over software. Straight Ignorance on his part and maybe a little harshness on ours, but correct all the less.


  2. ChrisLAS says:


    I’ve never been able to listen to much to Linuxcrnaks, the quality is too low for me.. And this is the first time I have ever been to your Google hosted blog, but it seems you are trying to drive traffic to your Podcast by being a jerk to Bryan and getting upset LAS fans to tune in.

    Really a pathetic way to get listens dude. As someone who hosted a massively listened to Linux podcast, trust me when I say that only the fools will follow you. You are not building a quality listener base, just one full of angry ass-hats.

    If you want your show to be successful, try focusing on making it more listenable, not by calling people names over and over. Move on dude…

    There have got to be a 100 things more important in the OSS world than this, the fact that you are focusing on it proves you are just trying to leverage it.

    If you truly are a believer in Free Software, how about using your show to campaign for a free TalkShoe replacement so you can create your show using all free tools. Heck, TalkShoe begged us to use their service, but we elected to not use TalkShoe because we wanted to minimize the use of any non-free tools to create our show, seems the least you could do is work towards that…

    Tell me again who the tool is? Cuz it kinda seems like you “threethirty”


  3. threethirty says:


    Dude I dont give a ratS bollocks if you listen to Cranks, nor anyone else for that matter. Cranks is done because we wanted to get together and bullshit. If people listen and enjoy it good for them, but we are just scratching our own itch. I was “being mean to Bryan” because he is a back pedalling tool. The great saviour of non-free linux is now making a Windows version. That would have been like Moses taking the Isrealities into the desert and and then seling them back to the Egyptians. And that is why I called him Benedict Arnold who was also…. a tool

    I’m not trying to get listens to Cranks, if you wanna listen good if you dont piss off.

    BTW i dont care about “OSS” i care about **FREE** Software, the fact that it is created in an open development model is fucking useless, I DONT CARE HOW IT WAS WRITTEN GIVE ME THE FUCKING SOURCECODE.

    Oh hey if you can pull a way to get an international call recorded with both SIP and Telephone connections that wont require us to buy a COLO box out of your ass let me know, we have been looking for over a year.

    And thank you for calling me a tool, you obviously are an impeccable judge of character… only not

    Instead of wasting time commenting here why don’t you get back to your Linux Distro (opps that’s not around any more) umm Podcasting Network (ahh yeah that is on life support) ummm I guess all you have is Youtube… have fun with that 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    I won’t drag all this out here in your comments, we already talked about this all in the IRC chat room.

    But lets be clear about a couple things:

    Life support? Ninja please, Jupiter Broadcasting is doing great.

    I think you know that too, so I’ll just leave it at that.


  5. Morpse says:

    Wow, just wow. That kind of arrogant smugness and finger wagging is exactly why I don’t listen to any of the Jupiter stuff. You can really tell they used to be Mac guys.

    I could care if Bryan doesn’t want to give out the code. It’s his and he can do what ever he wants with it. Just don’t expect me to use it, let alone buy it.

  6. Chris says:


    Please tell me you are joking. This entire comment thread is taking place on a blog post attacking Bryan, and I am responding to those attacks, and that makes ME the smug one?

    It was world does that even make sense? This entire blog post STINKS of “I am better than you” but I am the smug one? Dude, think it through.


  7. Morpse says:

    But you weren’t responding to his criticisms of Bryan, you just launched into an attack on his show. Granted, you wrote more civilly than Threethirty, but immediately assumed that they were trying to use this topic to “steal” your listeners because he mentioned that he was probably going to talk about it more on his next show. Not only does that not make much sense in the pod-casting world (it’s not like both shows are on at the same time or that if you download one, you can’t download the other), but it’s damn arrogant to assume that a direct attack on Bryan’s software choices was some kind of plot to take out your show. You didn’t respond to the criticism, you attacked the criticizer.

    Just because I don’t agree with you means I’m not thinking my opinions through?

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