Good Night Sweet Prince II: The Reaper Stikes Back

As may of you know we had to have King to put sleep. (see Good Night Sweet Prince I : The Lost Hope) Well there is a new chapter in the book of epic pet own suckatude was finished today when Sam our St. Bernard died.  He was a great dog.  He was our first rescue dog.  When we got him he had never been to a vet and weighed 120lbs.  we got him up to a healthy 250lbs.  and he was a happy vibrant addition to the family, but over the last year he really started to age, he developed terrible arthritis.  We had gotten to the point where Robin and I would have to lift him off the ground so that he could go outside.  And then about a month ago he stopped eating, stopped even trying to get up, and when we picked him up he just fell to the ground.  We knew the end was near but could not find a way to get him to a vet, nor did we have the money to have him put to sleep.  So he suffered, at first not much, he would cry because he knew he wasn’t supposed to go to the bathroom in the house, but we would clean him up and comfort  him.  But last week he started seizing, and we knew that the time was coming.  as of last night the seizures were about every 1.5 hours and would last about 15mins.  And then today on my way home from school, as Robin was singing to him he took his last breath.  He didnt go out in the middle of a terrible seizure or even with a whimper… he just stopped being.

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