Workin’ hard for no money

This week I became a Fedora Ambassador (and applied to be a Marketing Team member) which is a huge honor and right now a heap of responsibility.  I have never held a position in a Free Software project before so this is extremely cool.  And so right now as I sit waiting for my Ambassador Kit to come I started thinking how could one DIY some stuff to make Ambassador-ing easier and also stuff to give away.

One of the things that I have actually got finished (until I test it and it doesn’t bloody work) is a set of stencils to “screen” your own discs using spray paint.  Who would have thought those years of doing graffiti would turn into something useful 🙂

Two other projects that aren’t yet flushed out enough to show people are some booklets here is the email I sent to the marketing and ambassador lists:

Ok Idea #1 is a booklet that I have hacked up a [terrible] alpha quality
version of The
idea is we make a quick intro guide to Free Software and the fedora
project. I was thinking 8-12 pages printed on US Legal sized paper
[8.5×14 (to allow for a nice full page to read from)] that was basically
a subset of the wikipedia article on Free Software (so that it was
neutral sounding) and most of the Overview wiki page.

Yes I know its on-line so why print it, well because people are lazy.
Wiki’s are great because they have a lot of information. Wiki’s are
also a PITA because they have a lot of information 🙂

Another thing that could be done with this is as you are stapling it you
could take a paper cd/dvd sleeve and add it to the mix, that way there
was one thing to hand people.

Idea #2 is an “Ambassadors Field Guide” basically the same idea but
would have a list of FAQ’s and answers, a near total list of contacts
for every sub project (I know this isn’t totally feasible but I can
dream can’t I), the talking points for $currentRealease and
$nextRealease, and anything else we can come up with that would be
helpful to have in hand when we are talking to people.

I think Idea #2 is absolutely suited to the DIY ‘zine format because if
you destroy it carting it around in your back pocket you can just print
another one.

I know that anyone person could make both of these happen but I was
hoping to pool the knowledge of others and hopefully get the art team
involved so these could be a nice looking as possible.


4 thoughts on “Workin’ hard for no money

  1. TK009 says:

    On Idea #2

    ‘a near total list of contacts for every sub project…’

    What would you be using as the contact information? I know a number of people that get pissy about their email address being exposed. Maybe @fp.o would be fine with most but you’d want to check that first.

    An ambassadors field guide sounds like a good idea, I am surprised there isn’t some form of one already.

  2. mike.e says:

    Good idea. I always found it strange how ubuntu didnt have any ogg theora videos on how to do anything for new(from windows XP) users.

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