Ambassador Kit unboxing

The Kit included:
*20 Live CD’s
*20 Install DVD’s (32 bit)
*20 Install DVD’s (64 bit)
*20 Sheets of Stickers
*12 Pins
*9 Ink Pens
*10 Powered by Fedora Case Badges
*20 Powered By Fedora Tattoos
*19 Infinity Logo Tattoos
*1 Tshirt

and now the pics

Here is the box I received from inode0

Here is what was packed in the box [after i took out the entire Sunday edition of the newspaper 🙂 ]

Oh yeah that’s right pressed media




Close up on logo

aaaaaaaaaaaand stickers

12 thoughts on “Ambassador Kit unboxing

  1. threethirty says:

    @TK009 yeah I saw that a while back and have it as my wallpaper in KDE… I didn’t realize *that* was gonna be on the shirt. I was pumped.

  2. Got my ambassador kit today. Lots of CDs, DVDs, stickers and tats. No shirt, pens, or pins though 😦 I am hoping to be able to get one of those shirts soon. I want to wear it to work for casual Friday and to LUG meetings.

    • ahh man that sucks. some of the regonal guys are pissed that I put this post up becuase not all kits are the same so I’m sure my next one will be missing quite a bit 🙂

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