Friends, Family, Fedoraians… Lend Me Your Ear

To everyone that has been trying to get a hold of me or has realized that I’ve kinda fallen off the face of the earth. No I’m not hiding from you (well I’m hiding from some of you… bloody weirdos) I have been slacking is every aspec of my life for 20+ days because for some reason I can’t fracking sleep. Not that “lol I’m a nerd so I have the same sleep patern as a Meth addict” kind of not being able to sleep. the “AAAAAAAAAAHHHH MOTHERFRACKER I WANT TO SLEEP BUT I CAN’T TURNOFF MY FRACKING BRAIN!!!” kind of I can sleep.

So far I have tried 25mg of Diphenhydramine which would make me sleep (3 hours after taking it!!!!) but I was a groggy, zombie, dick the next day with a tendency to almost pass out once every ~4days. And made me utterly useless beyond that. I tried not drinking caffine (at all), I tried increasing my caffine. I tried excersize (as much as the weird ass weather would allow) and I tried sitting on lazy ass… and nothing has really solved it.

It’s really all I can do to complete my homework everyweek. Twidentica, facebook, podcasts, rss feeds, this blog, anyone elses blog, IM, email and IRC are just too much. I get confused really easily and with already being a groggy dick make most of these tasks almost unbearable. So I’m going to try to keep up on things as much as I can but if I end up bailing on something its not you, its me (unless its you… you know who you are)

Any non-narcotic ideas are welcome 🙂

It’s now 9:30AM, I went to bed at 3AM and havent gotten a wink of sleep… I bid you all adu

15 thoughts on “Friends, Family, Fedoraians… Lend Me Your Ear

  1. Ed Avis says:

    I’m no sort of expert but I would suggest various things. I know you’ve already tried some of them, but perhaps combined together they will do the trick.

    Choose a time to go to bed (perhaps 10:30pm) and a time to get up (perhaps 8:30am) and stick to these times, with the help of an alarm clock. For at least an hour before bedtime stay away from computers or television or anything too mentally taxing. Read a novel instead, it helps your mind to relax.

    You can get up later at weekends if you want, and probably you’ll need to catch up on lost sleep, so don’t feel you absolutely have to set an alarm clock to start with. But work towards that.

    Give up caffeine and alcohol (at least for a few weeks), as well as sugary drinks. Make time for meals and eat slowly.

    Exercise for an hour most days; join a gym so it doesn’t depend on the weather. I find swimming particularly helps sleep better, but anything strenuous will work.

    If you can’t sleep then don’t worry too much about it. Keep away from bright lights during night-time; they wake you up. At most, turn on a bedside lamp, and try not to turn on the light if you go to the bathroom.

    • Ed:

      Thank you for the ideas. I have started implementing a lot of these. Bed time is 2 am and wake up time is 11 am. I’m gonna have to print out a novel i went to ebooks a while back, damn technology XD

      cant join a gym (I’m poor) but its looking sping like again, and i can’t a car so exercise shouldnt be hard to find.

  2. Stephen Smoogen says:

    I went through the same thing in my early 20’s. There is no easy fix. Basically I needed to drop my caffeine down to minimum to stop headaches (1 cup of tea at breakfast), and a lot of exercise (1-2 hour in morning/1-2 hour in evening). Then some meditation (or just sitting quietly for an hour just letting the brain fire off but not doing anything). After 4 days the brain cleared up enough that it quit doing that and I slept for 20 hours.

    • I watched a thing on the BBC (don’t ask how) that said that exercising in the morning was a terrible idea because your blood vessels are narrow and stiff, and the blood is very viscous. They claim that you could easily break break off a fatty deposit and end up giving yourself a heart attack.

      but thank you kindly for the advise

  3. Alex says:

    I think the only real solution here is to cut back. Order your activities by importance (that is, importance to you personally), and then start cutting back on the things that are least important.

    If you want a nice, straightforward recommendation instead of general guidelines, here it is: cut the podcasts (in my experience, those take up a lot of time), cut back on Facebook (if you play Farmville or Mafia Wars, just drop them entirely), and establish a set interval of time when you will be on IRC (an IRC “office hour”). Also, make sure that any mailing lists you are subscribed to are actually useful. Cut any that aren’t. Consider ditching Twitter/Identica altogether. If need be, set up /etc/hosts to redirect time-wasting websites to

    • Alex:

      I have cut back a bit,

      I was on tllts last night but that isn’t much work we were just shooting the shit with Fab of Linux Outlaws and the Fedora Design Team.

      I don’t play any games on Facebook and told my mom to call, text or email instead of trying to talk to me on Facebook

      I have cut way back on Twidentica and IRC… these things are kinda my life blood, I don’t have a job and have online classes… they are the only human contact I have 🙂

      Thank you for your commnet

  4. Harald Hoyer says:

    Do not watch television or use the laptop in bed. Instead read a boring book or what’s best: “a math formula book for higher mathematics”. Try to understand the math formulas. Always worked for me. 🙂

  5. Steven Dake says:

    No doctor/psychiatrist here, but from your symptoms (inability to sleep, racing thoughts, confusion over simple tasks, feeling of overwhelming) are warning signs of too much stress. In particular, the inability to sleep is a big problem as sleep deprivation creates more stress (vicious cycle). Not sleeping can lead to psychosis and hospitalization with long term negative effects.

    An over the counter antihistamine isn’t going to solve your problems… I recommend seeking a doctor quickly.

    I can’t stress enough the benefits of seeking a specialist in the field preferably a psychiatrist at your earliest convience. They can diagnose and manage your condition. They can prescribe medication (non-narcotic 🙂 that can help reduce anxiety or dopamine uptake and get you to sleeping on a regular schedule. Finally they can write letters which can get you some breathing room from your regular life (school/work/etc). Psychiatrists add significant value over a typical general MD.

    Also caffeine, alcohol, nictoeen are drugs (while legal) and intake should not be stopped without doctor supervision, especially in someone who is suffering any kind of sleep problems. Changing your intake of these sorts of substances can exacerbate whatever other issues you may be suffering since these chemicals change many aspects of how your brain functions.

    Seeing a doctor is ok. When your car is broken, most people take it to the shop. When your sleep is broken, most people try to self-treat. I can’t recommend self-treatment – it takes a lifetime of experience to understand how to treat various medical conditions even in just one field of study.


    • Steven:

      Thanks for the comment, I totally agree a Doc of some kind would totally help.

      I have been uninsured for over 5 years now, and can’t afford a doctors visit.

      Maybe once the healthcare reform that Obamma signed onto law actually goes into effect I can get in to see what’s up without bankrupting myseld 🙂

      again thanks for the comment.

  6. It’s really cool that you all took the time to comment thank you kindly and thank you for those people who will be commenting.

    I think as nerds we all have craptastic sleep schedules. By buddy on time passed out into a rack of servers after not sleeping for a week, I totally have to get this under control before I go crashing into boxen 🙂

  7. +1 on the stress advice. I have sleep issues too (sleep apnea, which is a whole other disorder). At one point I had stress issues that made sleep impossible. I didn’t realize it until I broke a tooth after weeks of grinding my teeth in my sleep. I too had to drop caffeine for few months, but the biggest source of stress was financial and no amount of meditation or warm milk was going to solve my money problems. Eventually I got up the balls to face my debts and money obligations head on and make a plan to get rid of them. Nothing had really CHANGED, but the the mere fact that we had a plan took most of the heavy stress away.

    I’m convinced that every obligation and undone problem was constantly being reviewed and simulated by my subconscious 24/7 and it interfered with my sleep.

    By all means seek a doctor, but I can almost guarantee that lowering your stress will help in more ways than just sleep. You are a busy guy, or at least have a lot of obligations. Try to manage them in a way that causes less stress. Maybe you might try David Allen’s Getting Things Done. It helps me. The point is to find the keys to your stress and put your subconscious at ease. 🙂

    Good luck man!
    Ben (pixel_juice)

    P.S. I’m out of debt now, so not only is the stress gone, but so are the problems.

    • Ben:

      Thanks for the comment. I had a consult with a doctor. Who was totally cool and did it for free. He was pretty sure that I was healthy so it wasn’t a symptom of something worse (a load off my mind). And he didn’t think it was stress, He did tell me to chill out because it couldn’t hurt. We came to this conclusion because my running thoughts were about just stuff. Science, tech, history just weird stuff. One night I spent what had to be an hour trying to figure out why all of the languages in the word have the same sounds except the “clicky languages” that are in some of wesern Africa. What does it matter? It doesn’t but I really had to know 🙂

      I am doing GTD, I don’t have the book but I am a frequenter of 43folders. This really does work if you aren’t zombified from meds.


      I have now gotten 2 nights of pretty good sleep. I started sleeping by myself in another room, so I dont have the dogs, cats and the better half bothering me. That has seemed to help a bit and now we are going to be exploring this venue.

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