Fourth Annual Phantoscope High School Film Festival

pannel at film festivel

Fourth Annual Phantoscope High School Film Festival Panel. This image is licensed under a Cretive Commons Zero License

Before I get started I would like to apologize for how late this is in getting posted, I got an infection that settled into my middle ear and has put me on my back for about a week now. I still haven’t fully recovered. I still only have about 50% of my hearing in one ear and about 70% in the other and a general antibiotic that is causing havoc inside of my body ๐Ÿ™‚ So this is not the final version of this post, I am looking for copies of these short films and the permission to post them. Since WordPress has decided that I can no longer do embeds because I haven’t paid for the (newly decided to be) privilege to do so when I have them they will be up on The Video Page in at least OGG/Theora, and there will be instructions for viewing and playback. I was able to go because I won free tickets from Waynet (thank you again). Here is what happened at the Fourth Annual Phantoscope High School Film Festival on Saturday April 10, 2010 that was held at the Richmond Art Museum.
4.44 I arrived about an hour early to the event to peruse the artwork. I don’t think I’ve been in here since I was in High School. The only thing that really stuck me is how much I enjoy brushstrokes. In the digital age we dont get the pleasure of seeing how the things became the things they are.

5.00 I sat down to start outlining my notes.

5.32 Found my seat in the back for the Panel Discussion.

Pannelists :

Moderator: Scott Tucker

Jakob Bilinski: Writer/Director/Producer of over 20 shorts

Lynette Eklund: Monster Maker/performer on Lost World, Jurassic Park III, Sandlot I & II, Species I & II, Mouse Hunt, and Beetlejuice.

Johnathan Blake Huer: Director of Emerging Technologies and Media Development at Ball State

Alex Johnson: Freelance Video Editor

Zack Parker: Inipendent Film Maker

David : Freelance Cinematagrapher


How to get started:
Alex: Just start
Lynette: Keep a portfolio and experiment
Johnathan: be well read, well rounded to get inspiration, and then learn craft, figure out who you are, if you dont like actors don’t work on set
Zack: if you are here you have already started, just improve what you are doing now
Jacob: agrees with everyone else and reiterates. Allow yourself to fail.

Paths: College or just move to Hollywood and do it:
Zack: went both college and did the move. wont say if what works
Johnathan: says you need to go to school (because he works at one). did choose your own adventure movie, on dvd ipad, iphone. name dropped Brian Singer because singer couldn’t get into Poduction Program in school
Alex: college only because its a sandbox

Johnathan: fist movie because he had tech and made vid making fun of USC, went viral, athletic dept wanted him to do more. and next stuff sucked. learn how to craft things.
Lynette: made alligators out of junk as a kid, degree as costume designer, invited to party with the mucky-mucks of moster-making, be humble, if you are a director don’t be afraid of being a grip
Zack: big ah ha moment, he wont make films he didn’t write because he did in school and both of them sucked
Jacob: worked “n” times harder on sr. project in school because he didn’t follow the directions of teachers, well received decided to make films
Alex: didnt want to be a director because he doesn’t care about most of the crap they have to do

How has tech changed the industry:
Alex: changed incredible and at the sametime not all. Barrier lowered but story telling hasn’t changed
Brian?: tech has allowed you to do it on your own but thinks that mentorship important
Lynette: hates tech, makes/made her job suck, actors have helped they hate acting to a broom
Johnathan: loves tech (its his job), but teaches that you can’t fix everything in post. Tech has changed distribution. Story is still the most important thing
Zack: most important is access to info.
Jacob: agrees with everyone again.. is jealous of kids and thier access, things that CG isn’t the greatest thing ever. Tech is just a tool. loves options.

Audience Questions:
How do you get a job in the industry?
Alex: know someone
Lynette: who you know opens doors, what you know gets you jobs
Alex: know dif between hwd lifestyle and hwd business
Zack: passion
Jacob: doesn’t have a job in hwd. so he is happy to be in Indiana. networking.

Avatar, exciting or dread : 3D? :
The all make fun of it ๐Ÿ™‚

Brian?: jumped back to last question, think of yourself as a product.

#I wanted to ask “What will kill a career first piracy or obscurity?” but ran out of time

Final Thoughts:
Alex: network, and keep making movies pursue it to the very end
Lynette: work here, keep working here, hwd isn’t that great, doesn’t matter where you are
Johnathan: 2 skills budget & schedule, thank you notes & holiday cards
zack: keep making films, challenge yourself. keep pushing, learn to love festivals
Jacob: watch as many movies as you can. stay out of the rutt, don’t be afraid to fail.


7.07 Thank You’s
7.09 RAM promo


7.10 Pencil, The (3:57) Jake Gabbard, Mooresville High School, Mooresville, IN

girl taps pencil non rhythmicly, guy tries to stop her in hilarious ways, texts her and steals the pencil. she shrugs grabs giant pen and taps that… very funny. good to see a silent film ๐Ÿ™‚

7.16 El Sabor de Venganza (14:03) Mariah mason, Centerville High School, Centerville, IN

very ambitious but camera work is a little shaky in parts. A pretty good story about vampires and the Van Helsing family with some audio level issues. good costumes and sound effects. Pretty good use of effects to jump back and forth in time. but it would have been nice to see the same effect used for the past events. there is a great effect used to see from the perspective of a vampire in a tree. This film is a good example that you cant fix everything in post, all that said I hope to see more from Mariah in the future.

7.31 Fighting Life of Joe Roan, The (5:17) James Eversole, Richmond High School, Richmond, IN

Documentary about a student, MMA fighter, and Cerebral Palsy sufferer. I can’t find a single issue with this film.

7.37 Diccontinuation (14:51) Brenden Elmore, Noblesville High School, Nobelsville, IN

This is a good little sci-fi film. starts out looking like a terrible team drama that slowly builds into a something more. very reminiscent of the way war of the worlds goes. lol breaks the 4th wall for one line… beautiful CG. good stuff I would love a dvd release, id actually buy this one ๐Ÿ™‚

7.52 A Pocket Full of Rocks (7:00) Sam Tindall & Ben Peltier, Van Wert High School, Van Wert, OH

great intro. a western full of cheesy goodness ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe i could buy a student film double feature

7.59 Mr. Stone (4:56) Evan Trout, J. Everette Light Career Center, Indianapolis, IN

interesting colour effects, very arty, only dialogue is in subtitles some shaky camera work but I’m not sure that it wasn’t for effect. really cool effects still not sure what the story was about ๐Ÿ™‚

8.05 Duplicious Intent (3:06) Neal Werle, Richmond High School, Richmond, IN

a story about a doppelgรคnger that used for food in the cafeteria or was it? great use of sound effects

8.09 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (11:55) Alex Jabre, Center Grove High School, Greenwood, IN

well shot, no sound issues. a story about a guy who captured, interrogated, and tortured over a box… well its contents

spoiler: the meaning of life is the title and was in the box

8.20 Digital Demon (5:27) Jarryd Stefanik, Bethesda Christian School, Brownsburg, IN

Music video a song about sexting. well done, no issues at all. Seems a bit like a MTV PSA I expected to see a “For more info…” screen for some coalition

8.26 Quiet Love and the Butterfly Heart (10:52) Brian McGuffog, Hamilton Southeastern High School, Fishers, IN

Artsy, made to look like home movies. Plays more like a music video for the first part and then becomes a franticly narrated… maybe suicide? Nice effects but hard to figure out exactly what is going on… that maybe intentional though.

8.39 Marie (2:27) Cody Morse, Wheeler High School, Valparasiso, IN

a story about a guy setting up funeral arrangements for his wife… before he kills her. No huge issues here, except the filmmaker has obviously never seen the office of a funeral director ๐Ÿ™‚

8.41 Deep End, The (11:00) Jordan Nelson, Noblesville High School, Nobelsville, IN

a story about murder and kids on the run

8.53 Awards

Best Director Brian McGuffog
Best Actor Alex Jabre
Best Actress Allie Hatfeild
Best Screenplay Cory Morris
Best Editing Jordan Nelson
Best Documentary James Eversole
Best Film Jordan Nelson

I will defiantly be attending this next year.


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