FADNA 2010 day -1

tomorrow FADNA 2010 starts and I’m still sitting in Indiana. One might ask, “hey, isn’t FADNA 2010 in Aimes, IA?” and One would be correct. I screwed up my booking and will be arriving tomorrow around 12 noon… and the FAD starts at 9am. Brilliant, I know. I have never flown or booked a flight so something was bound to go wrong. I hope this is the only thing.

On the upside Larry gets a night to himself at the hotel (enjoy it sir, you deserve it). I was travelling light anyway so I shouldn’t be too much of a distraction when I show up. I won’t come busting in with one of those bags on wheels or anything.

When I arrive I should be fairly well rested, angry as hell (I just know the TSA will do something to piss me off), and ready to get down to business. I’ll try to follow as much as possible over IRC and talk.fp.o as possible so I don’t throw things off to much.

Well see you all (late) for FADNA Day 0


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