FADNA 2010 Day 1

Day 1 was good, no money discussion (thankfully) and we had some great successes and a failure that taught us a valuable lesson. We broke off into two groups and tackled two separate issues both concerning outreach. The success was a new cd/dvd case that I wont spill the beans about now, but let’s just say I’m very excited. The failure was we tried to come up with a speech/sides that someone throwing a F13 release party could use if they weren’t strong public speakers. The target audience was general productivity users. As none of us were this audience we had a bit a trouble. So much trouble that we didn’t finish it… It’s seems that we did a lot for connectivity and not much else because we solved most of the problems before.

AND THEN THE MEAT! We had atleast 10 lbs 40lbs of pork (even after seeing it I can’t believe it). Dennis is the king of the barbie, and John is an awesome host.

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