Just a quickie on Assange/Wikileaks/Journalists/etc

I’m tired of people saying that Assange/wikileaks ‘leaked’ the info. People from inside these agencies/companies do the leaking. Assange/wikileaks just reports it. All they want to do is kill the messenger. Any article that claims that Assange has leaked anything should be immediately disreguarded as non factual and unreliable. If reporters were as good as they were during watergate a bunch of moral questionable hackers wouldn’t have to do their jobs for them!!!

2 thoughts on “Just a quickie on Assange/Wikileaks/Journalists/etc

  1. I have nothing against the work WikiLeaks does (I think it’s predominantly in the public interest that governments don’t hide as much as they have been shown to) but this is the “gun’s don’t kill people” argument.

    WikiLeaks is a tool that ultimately helps and encourages people to break the law.

    • Oli:

      Thanks for the reply.

      People have been leaking stuff from gov/companies/etc since those institutions began. People used to send this kind of stuff to the newspapers. so I don’t think the “encourages people to break the law” argument holds too much water, unless you want to claim that newspapers encourage people to break the law.

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