Fudcon Day 0 Pteradactyl squawk

Yesterday was great, a lot of informative talks. Here is yesterday from the dents

/me needs to go to the reporting better bugs talk #fudcon

after talking to some packagers when I got to the hotel on day -1 I realized that my bug reports were exactly what they hate…

wow there are a lot of #cloud talks being pitched #fudcon

A sign of the times, or signs of a bubble… I think its a bubble.

April 2 there is a conference in AZ, call for papers has been extended ableconf.com

Sounds interesting and I’d love a reason to come down here again (look for it in the sidebar soon)

hey !gwibber why is search twitter only

this is really annoying. there is the #fudcon hashtag and the !FUDcon group,

State of Fedora Address happening now #fudcon !fudcon

you can hear it here http://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/4/44/State_of_fedora_tempe_2011.ogg

Listening to @cyberanthro speaking about Open Source Anthropology at #fudcon in Tempe, AZ … I was part of the data !FUDcon

This talk was awesome. There is a lot of interesting info. I want to read her actual findings and maybe blog about that.

♺ @fedora: Hey #FUDCon folks: dmalcolm and dwalsh have swapped talk times & locations. http://ur1.ca/31un3 — Agenda has been updated.

We (royal we) have done a great job of alerting people of changes. kudos.

♺ @pcalarco: @Cyberanthro: 75% of respondents agreed that Fedora Project comprise a community #fudcon <- but 25% did not WTFH? !FUDcon

this statistic right here is the most interesting. I’m not totally sure what I think about this but I am mulling it over.

@suehle: are you in the front row near the door?

@suehle: lol I sat next to you at the State of Fedora talk with out knowing it… also i thought your shirt was the fail whale 🙂

Meeting “internet people” in real life is an awkward dance. I’m feeling more self conscious this event than I have been for a long time. I don’t think I really opened up untill I got a few drinks in me… may be my medicine.

♺ @Sollitaire: For those who want to read the community report to Fedora (Linux). It’s here! bit.ly/gA85h0 #fudcon #anthropology !FUDcon

Happy reading…

@robynbergeron: I’m having a great time #fudcon

really am

Just found out about a really funny meme in LATM, they are taking a pic of a Mexican Journalist and gimping other people’s heads on there.

LOL’s were had

♺ @demandprogress: U.S. government wants power to shut down Internet, just like Egypt. Fight back: http://t.co/UmZPe2F via @demandprogress

the real world doesn’t stop just because you go to fudcon….

!FUDCon liveblogging on Freenode IRC. Schedule: bit.ly/gxOtKv Rooms: #fudcon-room-n. where n is 1,2,3, or 4 /via @opensourceway #fudcon

the talks that can be covered have been covered fairly well for those not able to attend.

‘State of Fedora’ presentation audio is up! https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/4/44/State_of_fedora_tempe_2011.ogg !FUDcon #fudcon

thanks herlo!!

Slides from @fontana ‘s talk in #fudcon-room-4 on freenode #fudcon !FUDcon

Nushio was transcribing and posting pics of the slides at the same time… thanks Nushio!!!!!

♺ @marekgoldmann: Food at #FUDCon was perfect! <- totally agree thanks google.

The food has been sooooooooooooooo good.

@fontana thanks for your talk it was very informative and helpful as someone who is often ‘the public face of fedora’ #fudcon !FUDcon

These legal talks are really useful for me.

@fontana: also sorry for bailing on our discusion earlier, I’d like to buy you a $beverage and try again 🙂

I never did see him at the pub 😦

Sitting in the spins talk. Wondering how long this will stay on track 🙂 #fudcon !FUDcon

look, spins are important and the system in which they are created and distributed is broken. But this topic quickly leads to bikeshedding.

Hey !FUDCon folks, Looking for a snack to tide you over ’til tonight? BYAC lobby has chips, cookies & apples. /via @stickster #fudcon

again great communication

At #fedpub. Took me forever because I got turned around downtown looking at all the night life goings on #fudcon !FUDcon

took me an hour to sort find it (even with gps enabled mapping). My phone died shortly after arriving which was a good thing. what happens at fudpub stays at fudpub. for anything that happened i #blamespot

oh and the wifi still sucks!


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