FUDcon Day 1

#fudpub was great. I had a bit too much fun… open bar (thanks rackspace!!!). Hydrated like a boss b4 bed so I’m good 🙂 #fudcon !FUDcon

it really was awesome, had a great time… but that happens at fudpub stays at fudpub 🙂

sitting in the Ambassador talk #fudcon !FUDcon

this talk had some great info about the growth of the project and ambassadors, we also talked about money… i hate talking about money.

♺ @ElNushio: Fedora Ambassadors, the #FUDCon Ambassador talk is being liveirc’d. http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=fudcon-room-2

Nushio is awesome that is all

If there are bike lanes in your town why in the hell would you ride on the sidewalk? #tempe

This is really still pissing me off. Richmond doesnt have bike lines and I still ride on the street like I’m supposed to… why wont these wankers do it

♺ @ElNushio: ♺ @paulocereda: #FUDCon epic reporter @ElNushio! yfrog.com/hs2ll5j <- this is funny, Nushio has done a great job!! !FUDcon

♺ @WayneEMA: NWS has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Wayne CO. until 01:15 AM <- so glad I'm not there 🙂

now that i rethink this going into an icy hell is going to be worse after being pampered in the desert 😦

I wish I knew how to code the new fedora packaging plugins for eclipse look really cool #fudcon !fudcon

they are really supper cool

♺ @stickster: What’s awesome about #FUDCon, #913: Watching an attorney coworker getting interested in and learning about git. …

I saw this happen Paul was beaming. I also enjoy seeing this type of thing happen

ok the shite wireless at ASU has reaffirmed my need to get a server back up and running. it has been a pita

OMGF THIS WIFI SUX!!!!!!!!!111111111111one

At Gordon Biersch with a heap of people. #fudcon !FUDcon

the beer was pretty good (except the one with the banana finish) the food was mediocre and the bill was outrageous.


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