Something interesting happened in Qigong today

I’ve been doing Kung-Fu now for about 8 months, and its getting really cool. Recently I started doing Qigong (Tai Chi) so that I could train internally as well as externally. Now mind you I am just starting to scratch the surface of all of this, but something really cool happened today. I’m going to try and describe this but I will have to do a bit of explanation, please bear with me.

I was doing Jamjong (I think that’s round about how it is said/spelled, my Cantonese/Fookaneese is not great) which is a technique for centering. I was in the “human” position, which is where your feet are shoulder width apart and your hands are at the lower reference point (near the naval), and facing each other. My right hand formed a nickel sized cold spot, like liquid nitrogen cold, and the same place on my left hand was hot in the same place. like if you left a coin in the summer sun and then pressed it into your hand. That’s weird enough but I also felt like something was passing back and fourth between the two points.

Now mind you I am pretty skeptical about mystical/paranormal things. I’m not willing to discredit things with out serious proof, but I’m not a true believer either. However this was just fracking cool. Was it Qi moving around my body? I dunno, and really don’t care. All I am sure of is it was super cool feeling and if it happens again I am just going to enjoy it for what it is… odd.


2 thoughts on “Something interesting happened in Qigong today

  1. Wow! That sounds awesome.
    I remeber being at a Kunf Fu camp when I was younger and my sifu showed how his Chi could force his opponents to the ground (he met with 3 senpais) It’s easy to discredit, being a spectator and all, but I like to think that it was for real…

    Makes me wanna go back at it!
    Keep rollin’

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