FUDCon Day 0 “The Beefy Miracle Part One: Check Out Robyn’s Wiener”

Hackfest: There were a lot of really interesting (and over my head) talks. Some problems were being solved, some new problems were created. One discussion I got in on was about

Lunch: Had lunch at a great pizza/burger joint, had some funny Teebow discussion.

More hackfest fun.

Dinner: went to this really weirdly incestuous restaurant that was attached to a bar. The bar was way to loud so we went into the resturant and most of us ordered hotdogs off the bars menu, and jokes ensued (that’s where the title came from) . I still feel sorry for that waiter. poor guy 😦

After dinner I sat with Klaatu and discussed the ten-thousand things. Well I talked most of the time. I should really be more mindful of that.


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