FUDCon days 1&2 “The Beefy Miracle Part 2: Let’s Burn This Mama-jama to the Ground!”

Day 1:

The most important thing to note about Day 1 (the day the BarCamp happened) is I WON A RASPBERRY PI! So look forward to many blogposts, micro-messages, and the such where I am pissed because something I dont understand is not working the way I expect 🙂

Lunch was provided by Ivan Makfinsky’s company, Endosys, Inc. (thanks it was great).

I sat in two ARM talks. I’ve never really been interested in ARM but Jared talked about its importantace in the future. I also sat in adamw’s talk about running your own cloud, something that ARM can be very useful in.

FUDPub was a blast I was hanging out with Klaatu for a bit and then found Mario, a new Ambassador with a million crazy stories about his globe trotting, and drank far too much [that is Mario’s fault :)].

Then we were up waaaaaaaaaaaay to late causing hell for the kid who was employed as a security guard.

OH! and once again there was insanity involving a wedding party (this time it wasn’t drunken ladies “enjoying each others company”, but a gentleman that said “don’t judge me” after he said “she’s not my real sister” [gotta love the south]).

Day 2:

Day two was more hackfests. I became a moderator for ask.fedoraproject.org [which I suck at and need to get my ass some learnin’ about]. I gave some input in on Fedora Insight [which I am super stoked about now], and I got my Ambassador on.

Lunch was again an Endosys, Inc event (thanks again!!)

Speaking of Ambassadors nb, get a hold of me about ILF after you make it home and catch up on some sleep.

Then I had to bail to catch my flight (where I am writting this right now).

I would like to thank the following:

Daddy Shaddow Man
Ben Williams – the host of the event
Robyn Bergeron – who I owe emencely for sorting out my travel and room (because I’m obviously not adult enought to sort this out myself [still]), and dinner ($insert weiner joke here)
Ruth – That Hoodie is awesome!
Spot – for lunch and the funny motorcycle Jesus church story
Paul Frield – for the ride to VT
John Stanley – for getting a hold of Paul for me
Mario – for the booze and ride
Matt Domsch – for the ride to the airport
MarkDude – for sharing a room with me
Senecac Collage – for the Raspberry Pi
Douchie Mc Wantstobeacop – for the lulz
Klaatu – for listening to my long ass diatribe night0, and taking all the shit I heaped on him about sleeping on a plank 🙂

and Everyone else who make FUDCon super awesome.

Fedora Contributors are like the Wu-Tang Clan… nothin’ to f’ with.

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