What I think, and Ango, and Precept Study

Riding my bike into work today I realized that I am not as complex as I once thought. My thoughts, values, and ideals are not mine. I am a mashup artist of thought. If you made a playlist of talks by Allan Watts, Noam Chompsky, Brad Warner, Jello Biafra, Hunter S. Thompson, and Cory Doctorow you have my day to day thoughts. All rushing at 132,32456,732,932 Miles/second. That being said I think I may have had the thought but these men put into words something that I just could not.

And now for something completely Different…

ANGO IS COMING!!! The study period is fast approaching. At Treeleaf is from September 1st to December 1st. Many (almost all) are surly asking themselves, ‘What in the hell is Ango?’

Ango, literally “peaceful dwelling”, is a period of concentrated and committed Zen practice, usually lasting three-months in the Soto Zen tradition. The roots of Ango arise from the earliest days of the Buddhist monastic community in India, when monks and nuns would cease their wandering and settle together in one place for the rainy season.

This will be happening at the same time I am doing Precept study in preparations for Jukai which I plan to do in January.

Jukai is a ceremony in which one “takes refuge in the dharma” and receives a “dharma name”.

All of this will be going on as I work full time, join the Leadership track in Kung-fu, and try to find time for my girlfriend and our new house.

Your prayers/positive thoughts/metta would be very much appreciated :)


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