I am alive I promise you

Wow it has been a hot minute since I posted on this bad boy. Well that is because I have been busy as shit. I really hate when people say that but holy crap is it true. I don’t remember what has been posted so I guess I will run down the last series of big assed events.

I have been working as the IT monkey for a couple of seminaries for going on two years now. That has been challenging, cool, depressing, fun, all that at once.

I am teaching teaching Kung-Fu 3-4 nights a week (down from 5) after work. Which is challenging, cool, depressing, fun, all that at once. (I see a theme developing here)

I became the Co-Director of the Hardware Co-op after the director moved to another city. This is a ministry of the Church of the Brethren (the previous director was a member, but other than that there has been little congregational buy in on over 3 years) and is currently housed in the basement of said church. within a couple of months of taking over leadership the church got together and decided that they were going to sell the building and was unsure if it wanted to house us at the next place. So I and the other co-director are trying to figure out where to go with that.

I am still trying to podcast as much as I can, usually on the show devrandom [nsfw] so that I can let out my frustration with out having to worry about my filter.

I was on an episode of GNU World Order where I talked about Social Anarchism, Kung-Fu, Buddhism, and Free Software.

I am doing tech work on the side, as much as I can, which has meant I have been able to do little. I have clients begging me for help, but I rarely have time.

I started collecting comicbooks and love it very much. [peep my stash]

My work for Fedora has petered out to almost nothing which makes me sad, but I am jsut too overwhelmed right now.

I am using my professional development budget and sometime at work to learn python, which is super exciting.

I am still bike commuting and this year my SO bought me an electric assist bike which has been fantastically cool.

I participated in an anti-war protest when it looked like we were going to attack Syria. That was a lot of fun, and I got to help someone in their first protesting effort.

So there is some of it. Think of this as my yearly christmas letter update to the internet.

I have not totally fallen of the face of the earth. I am still active on facebook, twitter, etc.
I am trying to my RL friends to use path so that I can wyle out and be crazy without having to worry so much about it leaking into other aspects of life.


I started writing some poetry and doing some photography and other art like stuff so that is cool.

OH OH! and I fracked my leg up pretty bad in kung-fu and have been on the mend with that for a while with a while yet to go.

ok that is it, I have had enough of you. Find me if you can monday and friday are non-kung-fu days.

OH OH OH! The Money$hot is getting back together. So check that shit out. (liek it on facebook)

ok really that is it. piss off I have shit to do.




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