About [NHI]

NumberedHumanIndustries is technology consulting for the 21st century.

Services offered include:

GNU + Linux Desktop Support

* Fedora
* Ubuntu
* Debian
* Mandriva
* OpenSUSE
* Mint
* and others

Web and Social Media Marketing:

* Blogs
* Facebook
* Myspace
* Twitter
* and more

Video Services:

* Video editing for the web
* Photo montage videos
* Video Shoots (Coming Soon!)


* Linux Desktop Usage
* Introduction to Free and Open Source Software
* Introduction to Creative Commons and the Public Domain

and more. If you have a need I can’t solve I will find someone who can free of any charge.

For more info or to discuss pricing please email me three [at] threethirty [dot] us

Connect with us:

* identi.ca/nhi
* twitter.com/nhi4frdm

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