A den where illiterate dogs rule. Swine, vagabonds, and retards, all with equal say. Equal weight. A place where only like or silence are on the only items on the menu. Some sort of goddamned circle jerk. Friends of old become annoyances of new. No one is ever lost, no one ever dies, they just stop responding. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU RAT BASTARD! Go, leave this place. Take your ignorance with you. Maybe I should leave, leave you all to your orgy. Let you all try and recall what goes where as you brainlessly bang your genitals together, never quite penatrating, but you enjoy it just the same. Failures of the culture and of the public school system. Whores, endlessly reproducing doomed generation after another. Have you no shame, no decency?

No One is Holy

If we legislate morality no one is free, no one is righteous, and no one is holy. If we use legislation to remove the ability to sin, we remove the gift that God gave human-kind, free will. Without free will there is no way for God to know if you are righteous or just law abiding. People should be able to do as they please regardless of what God wants, because that is what free will is all about. Those who seek to criminalize sin are in effect making themselves Gods, and making the law their commandments. The Golden Calf of American Conservatism. The next time you want to go on about abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage, or islamo-facism, remember Christ himself said “he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” If you are so interested in stopping sin, start “loving your neighbor as yourself.”

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