FLHL looking for Freesoftware Adverts

The guys at the Free Linux Help Line (http://freelinuhelpline.net) are looking for Ads to run between segments of their soon to be podcast. So do you know of a Distro, App, Event, or Podcast that is or is about Free Software? Well if you can condense you enthusiasm into 30 seconds or so then send them to freelinuxhelpline@gmail.com. Ep 0 is scheduled for January 10th.

Twitter on Facebook

Hey guess what, this is not as hard as I thought this was. It’s two smegging setps.

1. Add twitter app on facebook

2. after you “Allow Twitter extended access to your Facebook account” You’ll notice a link that says: Want Twitter to update your Facebook status? Click here! Do it, and that’s it.\

I got this info from twistimage.com