#ed008c = solidarity

Veronica Belmont (daily.mahalo.com) and Ryan Block (engadget.com) are both posting that Deutsche Telekom (parent company of t-mbile is demanding that Engadget Mobile discontinue its use of the color magenta, as it causes “confusion” between the brands. In response, Engadget has gone a lovely shade of pink for the day, and Veronica says “I kind of love it and wish it would stay that way”. This is moronic, The Copyright/Trademark/Patient system is so screwed up that shit like this happens. Its so stupid that I’m kind of at a loss for words (almost 90 words in 😛 ) this is seriously stupid so please everyone add this picture to your site in solidarity And as ChuckD said “you gotta fight the powers that be”

New thing I’ve joined: Seesmic

OK I’m a joiner and now I have joined Seesmic thanks to Veronica Belmont (http://www.veronicabelmont.com/ and twitter.com/Veronica) so here is the test video.