Update on FreeGeek-Richmond and Software Freedom Day

Well, I had my shindig pretty well planned out,and then I found out that the room we are moving FG-R into has a minor mold problem.  So we won’t have the room ready to go before September 19.  Which sucks but does not ruin my spirit.  So instead of getting the people to come to me I’m going to the people.  I will be up at the crack of dawn or so; on my feet or, on a bike riding throughout town with my SFD balloons attached to mysellf and my bike.  I’m gonna try to focus my efforts on WalMart and downtown.  So if you see me give me a friendly hong and hang out for a bit and get yourself an ubuntu cd.  I hope to be uploading media all day (wimax woot!) See you then!

Wimax? More like pain in my ass

Last night I bought a “residential wimax modem” a local ISP is doing their broadband over wimax (so they dont have to run copper) and are offering it for 35USD a month. That’s all well and good but I can’t get the bloody thing working in Linux, or for that matter Vista (tried on the girlfriends laptop and still couldn’t get it to work, but I wasn’t trying that hard)

So here are some pics to better explain whats going on.

Here is the modem the only interface out of this box is the ethernet cord, which should just make this this thing a basic wired connection.

This is how you see how good your connection is

A little branding never hurt anyone

If you have really dgood eyesight you might be able to make out a model number

A little behind shot for the techopervs

Sexy box right? Well like i said earlier I can’t get the bloody thing to work. Here is a brain dump of the problems and what I’ve tried:

* I get an IP its in the 10 range so it may not be routable (whatever not worried about that)
* /etc/resolv.conf shows namesservers as and
* i cant ping the 205. nameservers
* changing to OpenDNS doesnt help
* every renew resets /etc/resolv.conf
* I’ve been running sudo dhclient eth0 to get a new ip thats when /etc/resolv.conf resets

What am I missing? Why is this such a pain!!!! I have a support ticket in, but they support Windows 98SE or higher and Mac OSX