HTML5 video tags have a power level over 9000

My brother showed me this post at on how to do the much bitched about html5 video tags. So I totally had to do it, and I did.

Here is my page

The cool thing is that you can have it degrade codecs and and even all the way to flash. The first (intro) video is this way, but the rest are theora/vorbis file (yeay freedom!) So here is a little howto.

First You need a place to store the vids that you can link to. If you have dropbox you could put the vids in your public folder and link there.

To have a just theora/vorbis vid (because you love freedom) the code looks like this:


To have a theora/vorbis vid that degrades to mpeg4 the code looks like this:

Now if you need it to degrade all the way to flash (puke) then it would look like this:

ok that is the long and short of it. Not bad at all but you need to have Firefox 3.5 and some versions of Opera/Chrome/and possibly Safari with some extra codecs that screws the whole idea.

**EDIT: ok so I’m not smart enough to get the code to show up so just check out the mozilla hack page I was just copying from them anyway 🙂

Linux Community Screwed by the Biggest Tool EVER

Brian-with-a-y posted this to his blog

“When I first envisioned RadicalCodex… it was only for Linux.

Having the best eBook and eComic reader only for Linux… well I just like the sound of that.

Once the Beta testing started I began receiving emails, from Linux users, asking if a Windows version was in the works. This surprised me at first, but it made some sense. Most people can’t run 100% Linux on every computer they use. And, of course, it’s nice to be able to bring your favorite applications with you between computers.

Plus having great software available for both Windows and Linux helps to lower the barrier for many people switching platforms.”

and this is what I posted to him in response:

“Once the Beta testing started I began receiving emails, from Linux users, asking if a Windows version was in the works. “

LOL you have to be kidding me, what about the Linux users that asked you to put it under a Free Software license?

You are a bigger tool than I thought you were. What happened to showing the non-free companies that the “the Linux water was fine, jump on in”? What happened to your crusade? Are you going to admit that you went into this on a lie? Are you at least gonna give us the source code? Come on Benedict Arnold.

I don’t think I need to say more about that, but this may (99.9999% sure) that this will be on ep 2009.7 of Linuxcranks. Listen Live Sat/Sunday at Midnight Eastern ( [you will need a account to listen as we are an 18+ podcast])