A funny new website

Some clever indivdual has made a satire website poking fun at Brian-with-a-y’s Proprietary Comic Book reader. This person must agree with me that the last thing that Linux needs is more non-free software. I have no issue with making a comercial app but I think that it is immoral to create proprietary software. And I have let Bryan know that if he offered it ender a GPL compatable license that I would buy it eventhough I have no use for it. So with out further adeu http://platypuslinux.org/

Comic: Where I’d Rather Be 1

Here is a comic that that I drew on my Nokia N770 whilst at work.

I drew this one whilst watching Atonement. I can’t stand that film, and while I was coming up with my list of why I thought the movie sucked a pile of ass, I thought about where would I rather be… easy answer, at my computer.