Printing in Crunchbang

I just got me a new HP DeskJet 6940 for my birthday. Its networked so I just stuck it on my network and started configuring boxen. My girlfriend’s Vista laptop was bloody simple to set up (weird yeah I know). Then I got started on my computers (my desktop and my eee) which was where the problem started. Now mind you I had been drinking (me and the captain made it happen [mom bought the booze]). On said desktop and eee I am running CrunchBang Linux and cruncheee respectively (this will be important later).

On CrunchBang

If you right click and go to “Printer Configuration” it opens and a whole bunch of it is greyed out (wtf) but there is a fix:

step 1: sudo su

this will make you proper root, this is just to save time sudo-ing over and over again is a pain in the ass

step 2: cd into /etc/cups/ssl/

step 2.5: if you ls you will see server.crt and server.key, believe it or not just rm both of them

step 3: then run sudo /etc/init.d/cups start (i think you might not need this dont remember)

step 4: open “Printer Configuration” again and

step 5: POW that MF is working so set your stuff up

on CrunchEEE

This is not a problem some how it works in crunchbang for the eee [facepalm] wtf

thanks to the lovely gents in #linuxcranks for the help specificity Mole_