Teaching kids of different backgrouds is soooo cool

I don’t know if I have mentioned it here but I am an Assistant Instructor at a local Kung-Fu school, Which is awesome, and often some of the most fun I have ever had.

During children’s class last night we covered the attitude of gratitude. When I asked them what they were grateful for one of them shouts Shiva or Ganesha (I can’t remember which). To which I responded “cool”. My nonchalant acceptance of his answer lead another child in class to ask me who that was. I gave the student who answered the opportunity to explain . His explanation went somewhere along the lines of “He’s god, and $somethingICantRemember, and the strongest guy on the planet!” He was super excited to tell everyone, and didn’t get too deep into it. The other kids just responded with a more enthusiastic cool than I did.

I made a point not to explain that that student was of a different religion than most of them are, or anything like that. I just let him explain as he felt comfortable and just accepted as a cool fact.

We spend a lot of time building a family atmosphere with in the school. The great thing is we have a diverse family coming from many racial, economic, and spiritual backgrounds. I think in a way not drawing a distinction between the student and the rest of the class may have made that bond a little stronger. There is no need to explain to children what Hindu is when all they want to know is what the other kid is talking about.

My thoughts are still floating a bit and have not yet coalesced into something that can be easily explained. I guess the main thought is, it’s easy to be inclusive when you stop pointing out how people are different than you.