Conky and Ubuntu One (or dropbox) To Do How To

Do you have a todo.txt file? Wanna have it show up on the desktop? Wanna have it on multiple computers? Then read on:

[edit: since this was first written I have switched from *buntu to Fedora (and am much happier because of it) so I have added Fedora specific stuff for a bit of equal time)

Step One: Install Conky.

Conky is a system monitor for X originally based on torsmo. Since its inception, Conky has changed significantly from its predecessor, while maintaining simplicity and configurability. Conky can display just about anything, either on your root desktop or in its own window. Not only does Conky have many built-in objects, it can also display just about any piece of information by using scripts and other external programs.

On Debian/Ubuntu either:

apt-get conky
aptitude conky

On Fedora

yum install conky

Step Two: Sign Up for and Install Ubuntu One (still in beta if you want an invite stick your identica username or email address in the comments) or Dropbox:

On Ubuntu:
You can find Ubuntu One at and you can find Dropbox at, both of these services have free 2GB storage, and have a GPL plugin for Nautilus. If you aren’t using GNOME @ me on and if I get more than a couple of messages i’ll write a how-to on setting them up in other desktop environments/window managers.

On Fedora: To date there isnt a working UbuntuOne build. there was a try but I couldn’t get it to work. But Dropbox totally works!

Step 3: Make a todo.txt file:

Assuming you are doing this by the defualts you will have a ~/Ubuntu One/ (or ~/Dropbox) folder. Just stick your todo.txt file there.

PROTIP: I put [ ] infront of each thing that needs to be done so that I can ad an “x” to it (and thus having [x] so that I can tell what I have accomplished.

PROTIP: Create a shell script called todo that has “gedit ~/Ubuntu One/todo.txt” without quotes to /usr/bin/ and then you can use your Alt+F2 launcher to quickly edit your todo list. You can substitute gedit with whatever grapical editor you want, and if you are playing the Dropbox version of our game it would be “gedit ~/Dropbox/todo.txt” again without the quotes.

Step 4: add your todo list to conky:


Todo: Today, ${color slate grey}${time %a, } ${color }${time %e %B %G}
${execi 30 cat /home/three/Dropbox/todo.txt | fold -w50 }

to your conky config file (it’s often in your home folder under .conkyrc but sometimes it’s in /etc/conky/conky.conf)

Step 5: enjoy your productivity:

any computer you put Ubuntu One or Dropbox on will be able to do this so a desktop, laptop, and netbook can all have the same info (as long as you get them online long enough for it to sync)


Here is my conky config if anyone is interested:

and a screenshot :

This is a screenshot of my eeepc

This is a screenshot of my eeepc

Printing in Crunchbang

I just got me a new HP DeskJet 6940 for my birthday. Its networked so I just stuck it on my network and started configuring boxen. My girlfriend’s Vista laptop was bloody simple to set up (weird yeah I know). Then I got started on my computers (my desktop and my eee) which was where the problem started. Now mind you I had been drinking (me and the captain made it happen [mom bought the booze]). On said desktop and eee I am running CrunchBang Linux and cruncheee respectively (this will be important later).

On CrunchBang

If you right click and go to “Printer Configuration” it opens and a whole bunch of it is greyed out (wtf) but there is a fix:

step 1: sudo su

this will make you proper root, this is just to save time sudo-ing over and over again is a pain in the ass

step 2: cd into /etc/cups/ssl/

step 2.5: if you ls you will see server.crt and server.key, believe it or not just rm both of them

step 3: then run sudo /etc/init.d/cups start (i think you might not need this dont remember)

step 4: open “Printer Configuration” again and

step 5: POW that MF is working so set your stuff up

on CrunchEEE

This is not a problem some how it works in crunchbang for the eee [facepalm] wtf

thanks to the lovely gents in #linuxcranks for the help specificity Mole_