Paul Frields to Step Down as Fedora Project Leader

Paul Frields the current Fedora Project Leader (FLP) will be stepping down sometime in May. Mr. Frields wrote this to the Advisory Board Mailinglist:

I’ve been the Fedora Project Leader for a little over two years now,
and now that we’re rocketing (sorry!) toward my fifth release in that
role, I’m interested in branching out into other ways of championing
free and open source software at Red Hat. Before I do that, I want to
smoothly pass on the role of Fedora Project Leader, and make sure the
person who next takes this role can be fully successful in it.

My peers and managers in Red Hat and the community at large have been
incredibly supportive, and there’s no one driving this decision other
than me. The Fedora Board, and key managers and engineers in Red Hat,
are all part of the process of selecting the next FPL.

This process will naturally take some time, but I’m glad that the
partnership between Red Hat and the rest of the Fedora community
allows me to give people an early heads-up about these plans.

It’s important that Fedora always be able to make opportunities for
fresh and energetic leadership that will help take our Project, and
the distribution we make, to the next level of achievement.
Regardless of what I’m doing next at Red Hat, part of my job early on
will be to give as much assistance as possible to the next FPL, just
as Max Spevack did for me, allowing that person to successfully take
over this position, and continue leading Fedora into the future.

* * *

By the way, it might have been more difficult to write this message,
except for the fact that we are all working together in a very special
area of endeavor — free software. And thankfully the Fedora Project
not only embraces the concept, but the *practice* of free software, so
there is always source to look back on, recorded history to examine,
and open and transparent process to draw from. In short, we have
giants’ shoulders on which to stand. So of course I looked to see how
our previous FPL handled the delicate matter of succession:

I’m sure no one, including Max, will mind if I took a look at that
text for a starting point. Unprecedented transparency has continued
to be a hallmark of the Fedora Project, and it’s a legacy we can all
be proud of.

Paul W. Frields
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Where open source multiplies:

If you ask anyone who has or is doing a job like this they will tell you that it is never easy. Long hours, ALOT of national and international travel, few if any days off. But they will also tell you that there are few thinngs that are more satisfying. Paul has done a great job as FPL and has personally help me grow as a cntributor and as a member of the freesoftware community as a whole.

Now to the fun stuff ELECTIONS AND PROCEDIURE!!!! 🙂

Paul also sent this to the Advisory Board:

With a Fedora release looming in the future, it’s time again to
sharpen our quills and prepare for elections! That means we need (1)
a schedule, (2) someone to administer candidate questionnaires,
assuming voters continue to find them helpful, and (3) people to help
run any town hall meetings for the candidates.

Our erstwhile, fabulous elections coordinator, Nigel Jones, has let a
few folks know that he would like to step down and have someone else
take over the running of elections. He’s done a great job for several
cycles now, so we’re looking for someone with infrastructure knowledge
and access who can run the necessary SQL bits for setup[1]. As I
understand it, Nigel or someone on Infrastructure (Toshio?) will be
happy to give that person a rundown on what to do.

To the best of my knowledge, we have three groups that will be holding
elections during this period — the Fedora Project Board, the Fedora
Ambassadors Steering Committee (FAmSCo), and the Fedora Engineering
Steering Committee (FESCo). If I missed a group that expects to hold
elections around this time, please speak up.

I don’t recall our schedule last cycle having any horrible bugs, so
I’ve more or less duplicated it here in terms of relative times. This
is a draft, so I’d appreciate observations and comments:

Nominations open: April 28-May 5
Candidates complete questionnaire: May 6-11
Questionnaire answers posted: May 12
Town halls: May 13-19
Voting: May 20-26

Here are some specific proposed dates that would affect the Fedora
Project Board:

First appointment: By May 13
Second appoitnment: By May 31
First public meeting of new Board: June 3

* * *
[1] For that matter, if there are people out there interested in
getting involved in an interesting web app, the elections app is
fairly easy to understand and does have some useful enhancement
tickets filed that would make it easier for future election
coordinators to use.

So look froward to some Election coverage in the near future 🙂