You don’t like GNOME 3? Do something about it!

If you don’t like GNOME 3 please do us all a favour and be quiet. Take that rage and do something useful; install KDE, use a real man’s (or woman’s) [or $nonMaleFemaleGenderIdentity] window manager like fluxbox, GNUstep, fvwm, or ratpoision, or… make GNOME 3 behave the way you want it too. Following are some easy theme changes or hacks. QUIT HATING START PARTICIPATING!!!!

GNOME 3 is ugly:

I got your ugly right here pal!

Nord is a new glassy GNOME Shell theme based on Zukitwo, created by WebUpd8 reader rAX.

nord screenshot

Download it here :

But I want to theme!!

Well then do it!

ThemeSelector GNOME Shell extension is a new, unofficial GNOME Shell extension that adds a new tab in the Activities overview where all the GNOME Shell themes (not GTK themes!) installed under ~/.themes show up. To change a theme, all you have to do is click it and you don’t even have to reload GNOME Shell.

themeselector screenshot

Well now get it on it! :

GNOME’s theme-ing is broken

Boom! solution for your MFA

But I can’t live without the bottom bar!

POW! a bottom bar!

Bottom Panel is a new GNOME Shell extension which, as the name says, adds a bottom panel to GNOME Shell. The panel includes a window list, workspaces switcher which you can right click to set the number of workspaces and a button to display the message tray (because the tray hot corner is hidden by the panel).

It’s pretty but I want it to act like GNOME 2!

Well then flip that switch!

The frippery extensions are intended to be used together to provide a GNOME 2-like experience.

flippery screensaver

GNOME 3: ifsaifhi, give me back gnome2!


Project BlueBubble aims to bring Gnome 2.32 packages in a Fedora-15 compatible way, breaking the least amount of packages possible

bluebulle screenshot

Just make sure you RTFM

**EDIT** I want my minimize button back