Flooding at the Columbus Convention Center, but that’s where OLF is held!?! Nooooooo!

Thats right kids the THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH is reporting that the flood in Downtown Columbus was a waterline and that’s “… estimated that the damage to walls, carpeting and other fixtures will run into millions of dollars.”

“The waterline, which runs down Swan Street and provides water to the west side of High Street, had been capped under the northern section of the convention center at 400 N. High St. The cap blew off for an unknown reason, and water shooting under the center pushed up the concrete slabs that make up the floor and flooded the center. When the water was turned off, the slabs subsided, leaving damaged drywall and doors that no longer line up with their jambs in the northern part of the center.”

So here’s to hoping for a OLF2008!