Fosscon: In over my head, need help

A little while back we were offered a booth at Fosscon. None of the local Ambassadors were able to work the booth because they were the ones putting the con on. So I stepped up and took ownership of the event… not fully understanding what owning an event really meant. So as we can all guess I have failed in the most epic way.

I took on an event that had very little discussion going on around it, then when the chatter didn’t improve I assumed that there was no interest and that I was ignored and it was a dead issue. I WAS SO WRONG.

So here is the deal, I do not have the skills required to pull this of, so unless someone takes up this cause it is gonna finally going to be shelved.

If you are interested hop into #fedora-ambassadors on freenode or send your emails to the ambassadors list NOW!