Document Freedom Day is March 31st

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Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a global day for document liberation. It will be a day of grassroots effort to educate the public about the importance of Free Document Formats and Open Standards in general.

Complementary to Software Freedom Day, we aim to have local teams all over the world organise events on the last Wednesday of March. This is the third year that Document Freedom Day is happening, and we are again looking for people around the world who are willing to join the effort.

DFD’s main goals are:

* promotion and adoption of free document formats
* forming a global network
* coordination of activities that happen on last Wednesday of March, Document Freedom Day

Once a year, we will celebrate Document Freedom Day as a global community. Between those days, DFD will be focused on facilitating community action and building awareness for issues of Document Freedom and Open Standards. We hope that you will join the DFD community.

Who’s behind DFD?

Document Freedom Day (DFD) is organized with help of many different players. It is a community effort that we put together every year.

All of them will help us to get the word out on DFD 2010, be it by publishing articles about Open Standards, publicising the campaign, writing posts for the DFD blog, or simply helping DFD by putting the campaign icon on their website.

Document Freedom Day’s success is also based on the commitment of their teams of volunteers wordlwide, you can help them now: Get Involved!

Those are the current partners of Document Freedom Day 2010:

* Fundación Vía Libre
* Free Software Foundation Europe

*all of this text was copied verbatium from the DFD page, it is GNU FDL license image licensed.

Update on FreeGeek-Richmond and Software Freedom Day

Well, I had my shindig pretty well planned out,and then I found out that the room we are moving FG-R into has a minor mold problem.  So we won’t have the room ready to go before September 19.  Which sucks but does not ruin my spirit.  So instead of getting the people to come to me I’m going to the people.  I will be up at the crack of dawn or so; on my feet or, on a bike riding throughout town with my SFD balloons attached to mysellf and my bike.  I’m gonna try to focus my efforts on WalMart and downtown.  So if you see me give me a friendly hong and hang out for a bit and get yourself an ubuntu cd.  I hope to be uploading media all day (wimax woot!) See you then!