FUDCon days 1&2 “The Beefy Miracle Part 2: Let’s Burn This Mama-jama to the Ground!”

Day 1:

The most important thing to note about Day 1 (the day the BarCamp happened) is I WON A RASPBERRY PI! So look forward to many blogposts, micro-messages, and the such where I am pissed because something I dont understand is not working the way I expect πŸ™‚

Lunch was provided by Ivan Makfinsky’s company, Endosys, Inc. (thanks it was great).

I sat in two ARM talks. I’ve never really been interested in ARM but Jared talked about its importantace in the future. I also sat in adamw’s talk about running your own cloud, something that ARM can be very useful in.

FUDPub was a blast I was hanging out with Klaatu for a bit and then found Mario, a new Ambassador with a million crazy stories about his globe trotting, and drank far too much [that is Mario’s fault :)].

Then we were up waaaaaaaaaaaay to late causing hell for the kid who was employed as a security guard.

OH! and once again there was insanity involving a wedding party (this time it wasn’t drunken ladies “enjoying each others company”, but a gentleman that said “don’t judge me” after he said “she’s not my real sister” [gotta love the south]).

Day 2:

Day two was more hackfests. I became a moderator for ask.fedoraproject.org [which I suck at and need to get my ass some learnin’ about]. I gave some input in on Fedora Insight [which I am super stoked about now], and I got my Ambassador on.

Lunch was again an Endosys, Inc event (thanks again!!)

Speaking of Ambassadors nb, get a hold of me about ILF after you make it home and catch up on some sleep.

Then I had to bail to catch my flight (where I am writting this right now).

I would like to thank the following:

Daddy Shaddow Man
Ben Williams – the host of the event
Robyn Bergeron – who I owe emencely for sorting out my travel and room (because I’m obviously not adult enought to sort this out myself [still]), and dinner ($insert weiner joke here)
Ruth – That Hoodie is awesome!
Spot – for lunch and the funny motorcycle Jesus church story
Paul Frield – for the ride to VT
John Stanley – for getting a hold of Paul for me
Mario – for the booze and ride
Matt Domsch – for the ride to the airport
MarkDude – for sharing a room with me
Senecac Collage – for the Raspberry Pi
Douchie Mc Wantstobeacop – for the lulz
Klaatu – for listening to my long ass diatribe night0, and taking all the shit I heaped on him about sleeping on a plank πŸ™‚

and Everyone else who make FUDCon super awesome.

Fedora Contributors are like the Wu-Tang Clan… nothin’ to f’ with.

FUDCon Day 0 “The Beefy Miracle Part One: Check Out Robyn’s Wiener”

Hackfest: There were a lot of really interesting (and over my head) talks. Some problems were being solved, some new problems were created. One discussion I got in on was about

Lunch: Had lunch at a great pizza/burger joint, had some funny Teebow discussion.

More hackfest fun.

Dinner: went to this really weirdly incestuous restaurant that was attached to a bar. The bar was way to loud so we went into the resturant and most of us ordered hotdogs off the bars menu, and jokes ensued (that’s where the title came from) . I still feel sorry for that waiter. poor guy 😦

After dinner I sat with Klaatu and discussed the ten-thousand things. Well I talked most of the time. I should really be more mindful of that.


Fudcon Day 0 Pteradactyl squawk

Yesterday was great, a lot of informative talks. Here is yesterday from the dents

/me needs to go to the reporting better bugs talk #fudcon

after talking to some packagers when I got to the hotel on day -1 I realized that my bug reports were exactly what they hate…

wow there are a lot of #cloud talks being pitched #fudcon

A sign of the times, or signs of a bubble… I think its a bubble.

April 2 there is a conference in AZ, call for papers has been extended ableconf.com

Sounds interesting and I’d love a reason to come down here again (look for it in the sidebar soon)

hey !gwibber why is search twitter only

this is really annoying. there is the #fudcon hashtag and the !FUDcon group,

State of Fedora Address happening now #fudcon !fudcon

you can hear it here http://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/4/44/State_of_fedora_tempe_2011.ogg

Listening to @cyberanthro speaking about Open Source Anthropology at #fudcon in Tempe, AZ … I was part of the data !FUDcon

This talk was awesome. There is a lot of interesting info. I want to read her actual findings and maybe blog about that.

β™Ί @fedora: Hey #FUDCon folks: dmalcolm and dwalsh have swapped talk times & locations. http://ur1.ca/31un3 β€” Agenda has been updated.

We (royal we) have done a great job of alerting people of changes. kudos.

β™Ί @pcalarco: @Cyberanthro: 75% of respondents agreed that Fedora Project comprise a community #fudcon <- but 25% did not WTFH? !FUDcon

this statistic right here is the most interesting. I’m not totally sure what I think about this but I am mulling it over.

@suehle: are you in the front row near the door?

@suehle: lol I sat next to you at the State of Fedora talk with out knowing it… also i thought your shirt was the fail whale πŸ™‚

Meeting “internet people” in real life is an awkward dance. I’m feeling more self conscious this event than I have been for a long time. I don’t think I really opened up untill I got a few drinks in me… may be my medicine.

β™Ί @Sollitaire: For those who want to read the community report to Fedora (Linux). It’s here! bit.ly/gA85h0 #fudcon #anthropology !FUDcon

Happy reading…

@robynbergeron: I’m having a great time #fudcon

really am

Just found out about a really funny meme in LATM, they are taking a pic of a Mexican Journalist and gimping other people’s heads on there.

LOL’s were had

β™Ί @demandprogress: U.S. government wants power to shut down Internet, just like Egypt. Fight back: http://t.co/UmZPe2F via @demandprogress

the real world doesn’t stop just because you go to fudcon….

!FUDCon liveblogging on Freenode IRC. Schedule: bit.ly/gxOtKv Rooms: #fudcon-room-n. where n is 1,2,3, or 4 /via @opensourceway #fudcon

the talks that can be covered have been covered fairly well for those not able to attend.

‘State of Fedora’ presentation audio is up! https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/4/44/State_of_fedora_tempe_2011.ogg !FUDcon #fudcon

thanks herlo!!

Slides from @fontana ‘s talk in #fudcon-room-4 on freenode #fudcon !FUDcon

Nushio was transcribing and posting pics of the slides at the same time… thanks Nushio!!!!!

β™Ί @marekgoldmann: Food at #FUDCon was perfect! <- totally agree thanks google.

The food has been sooooooooooooooo good.

@fontana thanks for your talk it was very informative and helpful as someone who is often ‘the public face of fedora’ #fudcon !FUDcon

These legal talks are really useful for me.

@fontana: also sorry for bailing on our discusion earlier, I’d like to buy you a $beverage and try again πŸ™‚

I never did see him at the pub 😦

Sitting in the spins talk. Wondering how long this will stay on track πŸ™‚ #fudcon !FUDcon

look, spins are important and the system in which they are created and distributed is broken. But this topic quickly leads to bikeshedding.

Hey !FUDCon folks, Looking for a snack to tide you over ’til tonight? BYAC lobby has chips, cookies & apples. /via @stickster #fudcon

again great communication

At #fedpub. Took me forever because I got turned around downtown looking at all the night life goings on #fudcon !FUDcon

took me an hour to sort find it (even with gps enabled mapping). My phone died shortly after arriving which was a good thing. what happens at fudpub stays at fudpub. for anything that happened i #blamespot

oh and the wifi still sucks!

FUDcon day -1

This is going to be a” from the dents” kinda deal so here we go!

Wayne County corrections officer was arrested yesterday after being accused of having sex with female inmates bit.ly/gj9HKf /via @pi_news

An early morning standoff today at a Richmond east-side motel ended without injuries http://bit.ly/dLPDww /via @pi_news

Wow its nice to get out of town for a while.

On my way to the airport… Already have a list of things I forgot 😦

And I have since lost some stuff (more to come)

Made it to airport. Dayton is way more lowkey than Indy. Didn’t have the #pornscanner on so I had no issues. Hope Denver is the same !fedora

W00t take that TSA!!!

Bored already any !fedorians in the dayton airport?

Yeah, I was there alone…

Update: The Wayne Co. corrections officer accused of sexual misconduct with female inmates was fired http://bit.ly/fyifSm /via @pi_news

I’d rather be bored than that guy

‘Egyptian Christians said they will guard the Muslims from the police while they on Friday Pray.’Amazing solidarity. #Egypt /via @osamak

This is the kinda news I like getting

Just saw Dave Chappelle in the Dayton Airport. No I didn’t bug him and no I don’t have any pics


On the plane… Next stop Denver.

I talked with a really cool dude about everything from computers, to dogs, to college, to the increasing stupidity of people.

Denver next stop Phoenix.

Plane was a bit late so my hour layover became a 30 minute layover

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- i lost the charging cable for my phone… maybe its in the room but i doubt it

Yeah that’s right… I’m pretty sure I’m fracked. Maybe there is a big box store around here or something…

And now for some hanging out…

Update on life

RL has been crazy but:

* I’m pretty sure I passed 2 of my 3 classes (still waiting for final grades)
* I had 4 wisdom teeth and a molar removed (the molar was broken by the pressure of the wisdom teeth)
* I’m going to FUDcon NA (check sidebar)
* Started doing kung-fu 4 months or so, and its going epicly! (I missed testing for my white sash because of the teeth)
* planning on taking an MMA class starting in the new year (its just my kung-fu class with a bit more contact)
* I’m losing weight (due to the kung-fu)